Mellow Moods and KWANZAA


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Mellow music from Africa with Anjelique Kidjo from Benin, Africa, Cesaria Evora from Cape Verde and Vusi Mahlasela from South Africa. Notice a theme here? Well, my guest Brother Zakee, formerly of the Metro Atlanta Kwanzaa Association stops by the Lounge to teach us about KWANZAA.

Also, live music from Music Meeting concert in the Netherlands with Zuco 103.


New music and Hannukah enter the Lounge!

On this night I introduced new music from Jamaica and the Netherlands. Tessanne Chin's melodic, strong, voice lends rock beats to reggae rhythms and Dio, Dutch Rapper, lays down lyrical mixes on his new album "Rock 'n' Roll.

Check it!

Lena - Rumbon - From La Mala

DJ Cheb I Sabbah - Im Ninalou - From : La Ghriba/La Kahena Remixed

Trans-Global Underground - Secrets & Distant Dreams From: Yes Boss Food Corner

1. Tessanne Chin - Hideaway

2. Dio - Tijde Machine (Time Machine) From: Rock 'n' Roll (Mixtape)

3. Fula Flute - Dagna - From: Mansa America

Eneida Marta - Mindjer Doce Mel - From: Putumayo Presents//Acoustic Africa

Chanukah Lounge From The Hannukah Lounge Compiled by Craig Taubman
1. Frank London & CURHA - Drey Dreydele
2. Laurence Juber & Craig Taubman - Chanutonikah
3. Stephen Lawrence - I Have a Little Dreidl


Celtic Holiday with an African Twist for 12.13.08

On this night, we speak with Professor James Flannery about the 16th Annual Atlanta Celtic Christmas Celebration. Then, we give Celtic music an African twist!


Rachid Taha - Barra Barra

Gwenno - Tryweryn

Deanta - King of the Blues

Interview with Professor James Flannery about the:
16th Annual Atlanta Celtic Christmas COncert

Rise - Lamb

Capercaille - Hoireann O

Interview with Professor James Flannery continued:
16th Annual Atlanta Celtic Christmas Concert

Sinead o' Connor - Her Mantle So Green

Michael McGoldrick - Sully's No.3/Lucy's Reel

Afro Celt Sound System - When I Still Needed You


Cultural Dance and The Mundo Lounge

Greetings and Welcome to the Mundo Lounge!

This past Saturday I had a guest in the lounge, cultural dancer Jazz Baptiste.
She spoke about her background in cultural dance, her new world dance company "Blaze World Dance," and gave some history and the beginnings of Samba and Belly dancing.

Amidst the interview The Mundo Lounge had an ecclectic mix of world music and introduced a local Georgian, Brazilian band, Rua 6. Take a look at the playlist and be sure to watch out for the full length, un-edited interview with Jazz Baptiste.

Peace and Blesings,

Ms. Unique

Medicine - Rara Avis

Sekouba Bambino - Famou

Rose - Sombre Con

Love is Queen Omega - Zuco 103

Sukra - Zaman 8 and Hafez Modir

Aish Tamid- Matisyahu

And Its Supposed to Be - Ayo
Jazz Baptiste Interview Part 1

Morning in Rio - Sergio Mendes

Jazz Baptiste Interview Part 2

Rua 6 - Expresso - 2222

Jazz Baptiste Interview Part 3

Click here for more info on Jazz Baptiste!