Whats coming up on the The Mundo Lounge?

This week im going with the flow and will be sharing music thats all across the board. African flutes, Brazilian hooks, Japanese rhythm...ALL across the board and theGLOBE! Tune in this Saturday at 11pm on your local GPB station or listen live on www.gpb.org.

In need of a good music fix? K'naan, Somalian rap artist, is performing live at Vinyl in Atlanta. Check back for my '2 cents' on the show.

Pic courtesy of www.myspace.com/knaanmusic
Log on to www.knaanmusic.com for more information.

Im always curious to know who's listening and where they are from. Want me to shout out your town, city, group or country? Send me a comment on this post and listen to the show on Saturday at 11pm Eastern on GPB.

I love new bands! Have you heard any great bands lately that are flying under the radar? Do they play, write, or spin global music? If so, send me a comment on this post and a link to where I can check them out. You never know, they may be featured on a future show!

Ms. Unique

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