What is "World Music?"

What is "World Music?" Most think its African tribal music, or any and only indigenous sounds of the world. Yes, whats indigenous is at the root of all music, because there has to be a beginning, but it reaches far beyond grass skirts and a village. What the Mundo(world) Lounge is sharing is The Global Sound. The idea that every society brings something unique to World culture. Every ear, hears something different and every soul inspires something new.

As im writing im listening to this duo Mambotur, and their bringing to the table a sound called Latinotronic. Hows that for new? It blends latin music with electronica and over synthesized beats. Im lovin' it.

Another question: What is lounge? or What is a lounge? To lounge? Lounging?
According to Webster (Merriam-Webster dictionary) Lounge is a verb & noun. To Lounge means to act or move idly or lazily
A lounge is a place for lounging: as a: a room in a private home or public building for leisure activities: a long chair

Now what is Lounge Music? I've been to many lounges (noun) in the city and have heard an array of music. Hip Hop, world beats, 80's industrial and the list goes on. Apparently a lounge plays any kind of music or none at all. The purpose is to have leisure activity, enjoyng atmosphere, while listening to sound in an idle mood or position. Later in your experience this act of Lounging creates a feeling that you can continually identify with, no matter the medium.

What is the Mundo(world) Lounge? It's a new realm of feeling, of being, of enjoyment. In the realm of the World Lounge, you listen to World music. Rhythms beyond whats "popular" and "mainstream." Music of and in the world. A Global Sound.

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