Bamboo Banga

Greetings my Mundo people, Saturdays show was so smooth. I started with Sri Lankan/London bred sista M.I.A. While others were boppin' their heads to "paper planes," I was swayin to her hit, "Bamboo Banga."

Then I brought in music from Cape Verde (Cesaria Evora), and acoustic guitar laced with French lyrics by Les Escrocs. An amazing mellow Saturday night! Oh by the way, here's the playlist:

M.I.A -Bamboo Banga

Walikka Zarra - Free

La Orquesta Magica De La Habana: Morenita

Cesaria Evora - Deep Forest (Tribal Remix)

Sergio Mendes ft. Will.i.am & Sieday Garret - Funky Bahia

Les Escrocs - Assedic

Dj Cheb I Sabbah - Madh Assalhin (The Zen remix)

Ayo - Help is Coming

Fela Kuti - Alu Jon Jonki Jon

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